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Prostate Cancer | Screening


Prostate DiagramThe two main types of screenings for prostate cancer are digital rectal exam and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test. These types of screenings may lead to a more detailed test such as a prostate biopsy.

Although prostate screening recommendations vary slightly, we recommend screening all men between ages 50 and 75, and men in high-risk groups (African-Americans or men with a close family history of prostate cancer) should consider screening starting at age 40.

The American Urological Association has said that: "The decision to screen is one that a man should make in conjunction with his physician, and should incorporate known prostate cancer risk factors, such as family history of prostate cancer, age, ethnicity/race and whether or not a man has had a previous negative prostate biopsy. These factors are different for every man and, therefore, the benefits of screening should be considered in the broader perspective." [2] Contact a Northwoods Urology office for more information on how you can be screened.