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by amaurer | Jun 25, 2014

Valued Patients,

We hope you are receiving our best care at Northwoods Urology.

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Best in the Woodlands!

by amaurer | Aug 05, 2013

The readers have spoken and Dr. Henry and Northwoods Urology were voted Best Urologists in the Woodlands by Living Magazine! The best part for us is that this win was completely unsolicited - we didn't ask our patients for votes, we didn't post requests for feedback, we didn't even advertise in the magazine ... readers just recognized us as the best in the area, and voted accordingly!

Patient Prompt - Patient Communication Technology

by amaurer | Jul 15, 2013

One area that we as a practice are consistently focusing on is trying to enhance the patient experience. This fits well with our "innovative, progressive, compassionate" theme in that those three traits are focused on trying to ensure that each patient has a great experience and interaction with our practice.

Fourth of July - Patriotism, and Loyalty

by amaurer | Jul 02, 2013

The approaching Holiday this week gave me pause to think - beyond "Love of Country", what is patriotism really about? I believe that ultimately, in the end, you are talking about loyalty. Loyalty to the beliefs that made our country great, loyalty to your family and the opportunity available to Americans, loyalty to freedom, and rights, and to the citizenry and our forefathers. One interesting thing, to me, about the public debates about privacy, or party, or values is that ALL sides of those debates share love of America, and Patriotism.

Men's Health Month and the PSA Test

by amaurer | Jun 03, 2013

Check out the new Public Service Announcement for Prostate Specific Antigen tests ... (a PSA for PSA?) Happy Men's Health Month! This announcement will be in several local and national publications, from our physicians.

Men’s Health Month: PSA Tests and Prostate Cancer